All Ceramic

Pearl Dental's all ceramic restorations are a cost effective, superior alternative to bonded metal ceramic. We can offer the best in aesthetics, strength and biocompatibility, giving you and your patients the best in metal-free restorations. Below is a brief guide, but please call Danny for full details including patient information and preparation guides etc.

ZR Speed bridge by Pearl Dental Ceramics

1. ZR Advance: Full anatomically milled Zirconia. Shoulder preps not required. Cemented using non-expanding resin modified glass ionomer, i.e. Glass ionomer, Fuji, GC or 3m Espe Rely X resin ionomer.

2. Just ZR: Replacement for Inceram. Stronger and more cost-effective. Suitable for any crown or 3 unit bridge.

3. ZR Speed Zirconia: Ideal for any type of crown or bridgework. The framework is made using an environmentally friendly process. Five-year guarantee card provided.

4. EMax Lithium disilicate: Available for inlays/onlays and single units. Please provide stump shade with prescription.

5. Lava Zirconia: Very strong milled Zirconia substructures backed by 3m Espe five-year guarantee provided with each case.

6. Enamic: Hybrid dental ceramic strengthened by a polymer network, giving greater elasticity than traditional ceramics. A CADCAM design restoration which is a stronger alternative to traditional composites.

Most of the above substructures receive porcelain application by Pearl Dental's qualified, skilled technicians. Using dentine and enamels overlaid with a variety of translucent/opal porcelains, we're able to produce vital restorations that blend with natural dentition. Free lab shade taking service available by appointment.